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Growth of the urban centers

With the growth of activities in and around the port, a Master Plan was prepared for the port township through the Directorate of Town Planning, Orissa for an organised growth of the city. In 1971, the port area achieved the status of a census town with only two revenue villages, Sandhakuda and Bhitargarh. The State Government declared the port township as a Notified Area Council (NAC) in 1979 with the inclusion of a third village Bijaychandrapur to the earlier two. With the establishment of Paradip Phosphate Ltd, another major industrial house, the city grew faster and the State Government notified this new area as PPL NAC in 1985 with two revenue villages, Chauliapalanda and Udaychandpur, both adjacent to Paradip NAC. In 2002, both these NACs were merged to form the Paradip Municipality.